Risk Officer

Job Description


To identify and priorities potential risks of the financial statements and processes and develop risk management strategies and techniques to ensure risk management.


Major Responsibilities:


  • To perform the risk assessment for individual components of financial statements.
  • To present their risk assessment to the risk committee and to obtain approval before they start compliance work.
  • To develop the compliance plan to cover the risk identified during risk assessment and perform a mix of test of controls and substantive procedures to obtain a reasonable assurance.
  • To present the findings and recommended action to the risk committee.
  • To assess the internal controls procedures and recommend the improvement to the risk committee through implementing CARE software
  • To provide assurance to the corporate office, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer that the financial reports are accurate and data is complete and monthly reconciliation between subsidiary modules and G/L are prepared.
  • To ensure the adequacy of management systems, controls and practices, including those intended control and safe guard assets and to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.
  •  Any other task assigned by the management.



Peachtree/Oracle / ERP


5 Years


Maters in Finance / CA Inter / ACMA final