Electrical Design Engineer

Job Description

Objective :

To provide electrical and communication services in the field of design and execution work with selection of standard material and workmanship to be utilized in electrical system

Main Responsibilities :

  • To design new projects on architectural drawings received from design section.
  • To review design of all ongoing projects.
  • To prepare tender documents including specifications, BOQ and design drawings of electrical and communication systems as per client’s requirement.
  • To provide equipment related information to procurement section.
  • To review all quotations related to electrical services.
  • To supervise the team of draftsman in preparing the drawings.
  • To ensure technical assistance at the site for execution work.
  • To visit the factories for pre-shipment of new electrical equipment.
  • To verify the invoices of electrical equipment after delivery.
  • To manage correspondence and meetings with suppliers for quotations and related matters as per specification.
  • Any other task assigned by the management.



Multi discipline coordination

electrical design layout




Electrical Engineer


Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering