Design Technical Coordinator

Job Description


To support Chief Architect to supervise the production of all architectural drawings and coordination with electromechanical and structure departments and support projects sites for execution.

Major Responsibilities:

  • To manage the production team, which consists of Draftsmen, the Surveyor, and the Graphic Designer.
  • To utilize drafting resources to create new tools for more efficiency andoversee technical production and shop drawings, ensuring desired project specification and designs from all Construction and Design disciplines, including Plumbing Engineer, Electrical Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Structural Engineer, Design Manager, Project Architect, and the Chief Architect.
  • To send and receive transmittals and prints through the Document Controller after reviewing and checking drawings to ensure standardization, compliance of the design as specified, and accuracy.
  • To manage and plan document priorities and schedules to achieve maximum production efficiency.
  • Any other task assigned by the managements.


Coordination between multi discplinary areas such as arhictecture, structural, mechanical and electrical


Design Technical Coordinator


Bachelor / Master's Degree in Architecture