CEO Office Manager

Job Description

  • Manages the arrangement and appointments agenda of the CEO in all; meetings, interviews, visits, occasions and normal or up normal activities.
  • Organizes daily work and orientation related to CEO office to achieve the best use of the available resources and the time of CEO.
  • Organizes& prepares travel arrangements of CEO in terms of light bookings, hotels, transportation in addition to financial and administrative arrangements and related agenda.
  • Reviewing correspondences and transactions delivered to CEO office ensuring their systematic validity and write the required explanations on them, submitting them or referring them to the related departments' managers and departments' heads and following what actions have been made.
  • Manages the in and out communications system such as; telephone calls reception and messages reception, transactions etc.
  • Presents transactions and correspondences to CEO.
  • Attend executive meetings with CEO, take meeting minutes follow up on any tasks related to CEO an also attend some meetings on behalf of the CEO if requested.




CEO Office Manager


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Department/Functional Area