Senior Architect

Job Description

Major Responsibilities:


  • To coordinate with the Chief Architect & Design Manager on project priorities and schedules. To monitor and report progress.
  • To plan and monitor project schedules and project deliverables in accordance with Project Contracts
  • To lead and guide assigned Architects, Junior Architects, and Architectural Draftsman to achieve project goals as well as foster their individual growth. To monitor man hours spent by team.
  • To  coordinate with the Chief Architect & Design Manager to meet with the client to determine factors affecting the design such as architectural preferences, requirements, and budget.
  • To formulate designs to be practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended standards, purposes and function
  • To prepare and present design proposals to clients by producing conceptual designs and diagrams, organizing the projects spatial arrangements in line with client desires, consider contextual factors, material requirements  and construction techniques
  • To advise clients on the practicality of their project, render design ideas in the form of diagrams, drawings, and 3D models, and produce preliminary architectural drawings and finishing schedules
  • To coordinate with the Technical coordinator after finalizing the final architectural drawings and details specifications to ensure the design specifications and accuracy in the detail drawings and shop drawings for both tender and contractors.
  • To review and check all project drawings to ensure standardization, compliance of the design as specified, and accuracy, before issuing to the Technical Coordinator, Design Manager & Chief Architect for the final check print and signature
  • To send and receive transmittals and prints through the Document Controller
  • To advise the Document Controller on additional documents to be recorded (such as client approvals)
  • To maintain digital files including archiving and backing up files.
  • To maintain a thorough project record, including all client approvals, and all drawings and related documents to a project.
  • To maintain up to date Project Executive Summaries to be submitted to the Design Manager
  • To coordinate with Structural and MEP disciplines
  • To coordinate with the Chief Architect, Design Manager, and Technical Coordinator on the project schedule to ensure all disciplines designs are on track with the project schedule.
  • To perform field activities such as observe and record existing field conditions, take and verify measurements of design components within project area, visit site to ensure compliance with specifications, approve quality of materials and work, and advise contractors including procurement and project management teams throughout the construction of the project.
  • Any other task assigned by the Management.


  • Autocad Revit
  • Schematic Design
  • Conceptual Design
  • Visualization
  • Design Development



Senior Architect


Bachelor / Master's Degree in Architecture