Plumbing Design Engineer

Job Description


To design and review all plumbing drawings and facilitate executing at the project sites

Major Responsibilities:

  • To coordinate with Chief Architect to analyze properties of all types of electrical engineering designs, test the behavior, durability, and functionality of materials and equipments used in the design,  construction supervision and to ensure project specifications, safety and standards.
  • To generate and perform electrical designs, analyze calculations, electrical plans and layout details of a project using the preliminary design from the Project Architect.
  • To prepare preliminary and conceptual electrical designs. 
  • To coordinate work with other disciplines such as the Plumbing Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Structural Engineer, Design Manager, and the Project Architect.
  • To provide detailed and supplementary drawing for electrical designs and produce sketches to incorporate in the shop drawings and issue to the Technical Coordinator and then review and check shop drawings for accuracy before issuing to Chief Architect for the final check print and signature and issue transmittals to the Document Controller for recording purposes.
  • To perform field activities such as observe and record existing site conditions, take and verify measurements of electrical design components within project area.
  • Any other task assigned by the management


Firefighting and plumbing Design, coordination


Plumbing Design Engineer


Bachelor / Master's in Mechanical Engineering