Assistant IT Manager

Job Description

  • ERP Implementation (Requirement analysis phase to handover phase).
  • Must be visionary and strategic in approach with ability to apply infrastructural and architectural disciplines to solve business problems.
  • Administration and management of servers, Software, CCTV and wireless network (Create new users, Check event log, upgrade software, maintenance, check daily backup) etc.
  • Administration and management of workstations: install/update software, support and help-desk for users, troubleshooting, routine check, monitor software installations, report illegal software use/ installations etc.
  • Plane network extension: office network to be extended in to additional users. Arrange cabling, work out specifications, get quotations from store manager, supervise installation of hardware, software installations workstation setup etc.
  • Arrange repairs of malfunctioning hardware with suppliers and arrange purchases of new equipment's through established suppliers etc.
  • Follow procedures and routines for purchasing equipment's and software:
  • request quotations, get written approvals, sign delivery notes, check delivery, report discrepancies, approve invoices before payment.
  • Keep Inventory of hardware and software up-to-date. Monitor software licenses status and ensure compliance's with license agreements.
  • Training: train new users in the basics of system: window, email. Internet, Ms Office, in house applications etc.
  • Upgrade software: check out available upgrades of software in use, always look out for ways to increase productivity, pre-select, evaluate and propose to management for purchase.
  • System maintenance log: keep and update a logbook of system maintenance routines, frequent faults, along with solutions to problems.
  • Having good knowledge of ERP functions and knowledge of departmental integration in ERP etc.
  • Coordinate support for ERP & other software
  • Full mastery of mission- critical applications: MS exchange server, MS outlook, MS office, Internet explorer, adobe acrobat, software etc.
  • Knowledge of Digital transformation and IR4 technologies
  • Knowledge of Oracle Database & Linux will be added advantage
  • Expert in new technologies Cisco routers, VMware and Sophos and a good know-how to administer and manage.

Salary Offer



Assistant IT Manager


Master / Bachelor's degree in Information Technology / Equivalent

Department/Functional Area