Quality Manager

Job Description


The Quality Manage is responsible for overall development, implementation, and maintenance of the organization’s Quality Management System (QMS)

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the organization’s Quality Management System conforms to customer, internal, ISO 9001, and regulatory/legal requirements.
  • Ensure evaluation of, and reporting on, vendor quality systems.
  • Oversee inspection (examination) of incoming materials, ensuring that they meet requirements.
  • Manage the monitoring, measurement, and review of internal processes, especially those that affect the quality of the organization’s products.
  • Lead a team of Quality engineers, inspectors, auditors, analysts, and technicians
  • Work with customers, employees, contractors, and outsourcing firms to develop product requirements.
  • Report to top management on the performance of the QMS (e.g., results of quality audits, corrective actions), including the need for improvement.
  • Conduct periodic management review meetings.
  • Oversee product recalls.
  • Responsible for accuracy and timely inspection/calibration of monitoring and measuring devices.
  • Keep up on standards, regulations/laws, issues, and news with respect to product (service) quality
  • Perform other related duties as required
  • Comply with IT department Cyber Security Strategy
  • Comply with health and safety regulations


Quality Management, Quality Control, Quality Assurance

Salary Offer



Quality Manager


Master / Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering

Department/Functional Area